Bicycle Accident Injury Truck Turned Into Me MN Lawyer


WCCO reported a tragic accident when a semi-trailer was making a right turn on a red light from 12th Street North onto Linden Avenue, a block north of Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, to head in the direction of 94 West or 394 West.  The intersection has a bike lane that extends through the intersection, though it’s not yet known if the cyclist was attempting to pass through the intersection, turn, or was stopped at the moment of impact.

When the truck made its turn in front of the bike, the bike ran into it. The bicyclist was an adult. He was declared dead at the scene. The truck driver was cooperating with Minneapolis Police, and was said not to be impaired. The Minnesota State Patrol is also assisting in the investigation, and a police spokesman tells the Star Tribune surveillance video from the area will also be accessed to determine how the accident happened.

An October report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that, while deaths from vehicle crashes decreased from 2017 to 2018, pedestrian and bicyclist deaths are on the rise, with 857 documented bicyclist fatalities, a 6 percent increase year-over-year and the highest total since 1990. Since 2009, the number of cyclist deaths in “urban areas” has risen by 49 percent.

Our lawyers have represented many bicycle and motorcycle riders hit by a car or truck. We have seen many accidents where the car or truck changed lanes or made a turn into someone riding their bike – often resulting in serious injuries.  If you have been injured in a bike accident because a truck or driver turned in front of you, please call us to speak with an experienced bike accident injury lawyer for a free consultation. We will we advise you of your rights and make sure your interests are protected.