Bike Hit On Street By Car MN Attorneys Injury Cases


Bicycles on the street are very common in Minnesota.  We, as a state, encourage bike riding for exercise and enjoyment. Most people driving cars understand they need to share the road with bike riders, but that also means it is very important not to be driving distracted in an area where you know bike riders can be on the street.

Our personal injury lawyers have represented many people injured in a bike accident when a car hit them on the street. Sadly, we have had a number of cases involving a child riding their bike in front of their house, sometimes just leaving their driveway when they were hit by a car. The insurance company for the car will often say it is the bike riders fault for riding into the street. But when it is a child, the level of responsibility is different, and if a car driver knows they are in a residential area with children on bikes, they need to slow down and watch out.

Many of our bike accident cases involve a bike rider on the road and a car doesn’t stop for a stop sign, or made a turn just as a bike was passing in front of the car. Sometimes those cases are because of driver distraction, like a cell phone or texting, but even more often its just because the driver of the car looked one direction but then did not look the other direction before moving forward. The bike rider on the street could not have anticipated the accident because the car wasn’t moving when the bike passed in front of it.

If you have been injured because a car hit you on your bike when you were riding on the street or a road, call us for a free consultation with a top rated Minnesota attorney. Our lawyers handle bike accident cases in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and throughout MN. We will investigate your bike accident case, answer your questions, and make sure your rights are protected. The primary focus of our attorneys is to make sure you are fully compensated for your injuries if a car hits you when you are riding your bike on the street or a road.