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Our auto accident attorneys saw an interesting recent news report.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation is currently focusing on something that we in this part of the state are familiar with – incomplete stop at an intersection on a rural road. We’ve all done it, especially while driving on county roads. “Some people don’t slow down at all, even for a stop sign. Some people just do rolling stops. We see this as an opportunity to increase safety,” said Anne Meyer with MnDOT.  They want to get stop lights and stop signs in rural areas noticed.

Rural Road Car Accident
Rural Road Car Accident

Our top car accident lawyers have successfully represented many people injured on a country road crash in Minnesota.  In many cases, the other vehicle did not stop for a stop sign at an intersection. We have also had many cases where the other car crossed the center lane and hit our client head on.


“Sometimes rural road signs are not intentionally ignored, but they don’t stand out as much especially for folks who aren’t in those areas,” Meyer said. “I’ve even been in an accident down at that road… somebody ran a stop sign and hit me,” she said. The same thing happened back in March.  A 20-year-old woman was killed after she ran a sign on a country road and hit a semi at the very same intersection. These are common scenarios for our car accident injury lawyers in Minnesota.

This summer, half a million dollars will be used to add reflective strips to stop sign posts and traffic lights on rural roads. Meyer said that with this added visibility, even if only one person pays attention, it’ll be worth it. “We know that people are distracted every day. If there’s something that we can do, even if it’s as little as some reflective tape — but it makes a difference — then we think it goes a long way to increase safety.” At Highway 30 and County Road 8, there have been nine accidents since 2011.


If you have been injured in a car accident on a country road, call us and speak with a best MN lawyer for a free consultation. Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin are car accident lawyers with more than 25 years’ experience representing hundreds of people injured in a car accident or motorcycle accident on a country road or highway throughout Minnesota.

Our car accident lawyers will make sure you are fully compensated by the auto insurance for your injury from the crash.  Our attorneys handle car accident cases in areas around Rochester, Mankato, Albert Lea, Brainerd, Alexandria, Bemidji, and Detroit Lakes. Also, East Grand Forks, Thief River Falls, Duluth, Hibbing, and other towns throughout Minnesota. A lawyer will meet with you at our office or your home anywhere in MN to explain your rights and the insurance issues related to your car accident.