Is Parent Responsible For Child’s Car Accident?


Parent Responsible For Teenage Child Car Accident MN Lawyer

Our car accident lawyers handle many Minnesota cases every year where a teenage driver causes a car crash or a teen is injured in a car accident. We are often asked the question: Are parents responsible for the damage or injuries when their child gets in a car accident. The answer is, it depends.

In general, the parents will not be responsible for the car accident caused by their teenager if the parents do not own the car.  However, if the parents own the car, they are definitely responsible for an accident caused by their child or anyone they allow to use the vehicle – or if their child allows someone else to drive the vehicle.  At least in Minnesota, the law is that the owner of a vehicle is always responsible for any damage or injury caused by another person driving their car if the driver was given permission to use it. In addition, the parents could be responsible for an accident caused by their teenage child if the child lives with them and they know the teenager has a mental health problem or frequently drives drunk or on drugs and they don’t do anything to stop it. However just because a teenager who owns their own car drove recklessly on one occasion and caused a terrible accident or crash does not mean the parents are automatically responsible – unless its the parents’ car, i.e. the parents’ names are on the title.

Car insurance for a teenage driver is expensive … for a reason.  Teen drivers are a higher accident risk. Nonetheless, our car accident attorneys strongly urge people to purchase adequate insurance for their teenage drivers so they will not have to fear the potential liability.  Sufficient insurance is also important because in Minnesota, all auto insurance policies come with uninsured and underinsured coverage.  This type or insurance provides coverage if you or your child is injured by another driver – or your teenager is injured while a passenger in another teen’s vehicle, and the other vehicle is not insured or does not have enough insurance.  Look carefully at your auto policy because adding more coverage is usually not very expensive, it is the initial coverage that is more costly.

If your teenager is injured in a MN car accident please call us and speak with a lawyer for a free consultation.  Our personal injury car accident attorneys will answer your questions and make sure your rights are protected.  A lawyer will also answer your questions about parents’ responsibility for a car accident caused by their teenage child. We have more than 25 years’ experience successfully representing hundreds of people in car accident cases throughout Minnesota. Our primary focus is to get car accident victims complete compensation for their auto accident injury. We never charge anything unless you receive compensation.