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A television news station recently reported that a woman was killed in a Burnsville MN car accident. The woman was driving her car on County Road 5 when she was hit by another vehicle racing at high speed. The vehicle that hit her was the suspect car in a police chase that began in Apple Valley. The woman was a mother of five.  This story of a police pursuit gone wrong has tragically changed the lives of this family. Unfortunately, our Minnesota car accident attorney have seen several cases where cars in a high speed chase leads to a terrible, tragic, crash.

The Minnesota State Patrol said the preliminary investigation shows police tried to stop the suspect vehicle because it matched an alert from a hit-and-run in Savage. The driver of the van fled immediately. The van hit the woman’s SUV on County Road 5 at 131st Street as the chase went through Burnsville.  The mother of five died at the scene, the state patrol says. The van then continued trying to get away.  It hit a guide wire and damaged two power poles, bringing power lines down on top of it, which started a fire. The male suspect, who police didn’t identify, was also killed in the crash and fire.

High Speed Chase Car Crash MN Injury Lawyers
High Speed Chase Car Crash MN Injury Lawyers


MN State Patrol officer Don Schmalzbauer said he doesn’t need to watch the high-speed police pursuit videos, so readily be found on YouTube, because he lived it. “When you normally drive, you’ve got a wide vision,” Schmalzbauer said. “When you get in a high speed chase or pursuit, you get a very, very narrow vision.” Trooper Schmalzbauer now teaches accident reconstruction. “Officers during police pursuits are probably one of the most dangerous things they do,” he explained. However, there are discussions underway nationally about creating a police pursuit national standard.


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