St. Paul Car Accident Police Report



When our attorneys start a new St. Paul car accident case, we first get the police report. However, sometimes people want to get the police accident report themselves before they hire a lawyer. How do you get a policy report? For a St. Paul car accident, you can go pick it up. In addition, you can send a written request to the St. Paul Police Department. The police department may charge you approximately $5 for a copy of the accident report, depending on how many pages it is.

Our car accident lawyers have found in St. Paul MN car crash cases there are sometimes supplemental reports or other information. For example, there may be photographs which have to be specifically requested. Therefore, when you make the request for a St. Paul police report, you should specifically ask whether or not there are supplemental reports, videos, photographs, or other information.

In addition, if there is any prosecution involved for the car crash, the city of St. Paul prosecutor or the Ramsey county prosecutor may have their own file. This would be in addition to the police report. Therefore, you should call them separately. You should also check to see if there were other reporting agencies like the Minnesota State Patrol. If so, you have to request those agency reports separately.


If you have questions about a St. Paul MN police report or investigation after a car accident, call our office for a free consultation with a lawyer.

The contact information for the St. Paul police department is 367 Grove St. Saint Paul, MN 55101 Phone:(651) 291-1111. The contact information for the records department is Phone:(651) 266-5700.

The St. Paul city attorney’s office frequently prosecutes driving offenses including traffic violations and drunk driving. Their website is Particularly in drunk driving accident cases, the victim should stay involved in court proceedings. The phone number is (651) 266-8710. Sometimes, the county attorney takes charge of the prosecution. Therefore, you should check with them as well. The Ramsey county attorney office is located at 345 Wabasha Street North, Suite 120 St. Paul, MN 55102. Phone: 651-266-3222.


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