Hit By Car Driving Wrong Way – MN Injury Attorneys


Our auto accident attorneys have handled several cases where our client was hit by a car driving the wrong way on a highway or road. Besides being terrifying, a head on crash where one car is driving the wrong way can result in serious injuries. The impact of a crash may be head-on when the other driver is driving the wrong way, or it may be a side-swipe, but either way both vehicles have momentum moving towards each other, making the force of the collision greater.

Our best MN car accident attorneys have seen several reasons why someone may be driving the wrong way of the road or a highway:  Most often it is confusion on the part of the driver, and taking a wrong turn or getting on the wrong ramp. Our lawyers have also seen several cases where a drunk driver was driving the wrong way.

If you are hit by a car driving the wrong way on the highway or road, call us and speak with a top rated Minnesota car accident lawyer for a free consultation. We will answer answer your questions and make sure your rights are protected so that you get all the insurance compensation you are entitled to. We handle cases in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and throughout Minnesota.  Our primary focus is to make sure justice is done and you are treated fairly.