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Several news agencies reported today about an infant killed by a pit pull attack in a tragic incident that occurred after her parents stepped away for five minutes. The baby girl was just three weeks old when a group of adults briefly left her inside their house on Thursday while they went onto the porch, according to the police report.

After five minutes, an adult went back inside to check on the baby and found her bleeding from a severe head wound. One of the family’s three pit bulls had blood around its mouth. The baby was transported to a local hospital and died early Friday. An autopsy confirmed that her wounds were consistent with a dog bite.

No charges have been announced in the case, but police said that at least one other child lives in the house and that Child Protective Services is also investigating the situation.

Neighbors stated that the family’s dogs were a “nuisance” known throughout the neighborhood for barking and chasing passerby. “They are so mean and vicious,” one neighbor, said. “I’d be scared, because when the dogs get out the fence, they used to chase us,” another said.

After the dog killed the child, all three dogs were taken to an animal shelter and are currently being quarantined, but police urged people not to rush to judgment of the animals based off their breed. “The breed of a pit bull, by itself, is not enough to condemn it. Any dog can bite,” the police offer stated. “This serves as a critical reminder to never leave a child unattended around a dog.” “This is a very, very tragic situation.”


At the Rochlin Law Firm, our best attorneys have handled many cases in Minnesota where a dog bites a child, usually it’s a neighbor’s dog at the neighbor’s house. If your son or daughter is bitten by a dog in MN, please speak with a dog bite lawyer at our office for a free consultation – you may have the right to recover medical bills and compensation for the scarring and pain suffered by your child. Many times, the child’s dog bite injury is a small scar on the hand or face. However, our MN dog bite attorneys have also represented families where the dog causes a very serious injury to the child, requiring multiple surgeries to reconstruct the face. Compensation for the child is appropriate in these situations, as well as full payment of the medical bills. The dog bite law in MN is very strict in holding the owner responsible, and most dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for injury caused by a pet, which usually offers a degree of comfort if the animal is owned by a neighbor, family friend or relative. When you speak with an experienced lawyer at our office after your child was bitten by a dog, we will explain the insurance issues and how to assure your neighbor that they will not personally suffer financially because of the claim. If a child is killed by a dog attack our lawyers will make sure the surviving family is compensated for this horrible incident.

Dog Attacked Child Injury Lawyers MN
Dog Attacked Child Injury Lawyers MN

If your child is injured from a dog bite or dog attack in MN, or your child is injured by a dog, please call us and a top rated lawyer will discuss the situation with you and answer your questions. Our personal injury attorneys have 25 years of experience successfully handling hundreds of injury cases. We are a family owned law firm and we offer personal attention to your case and help for your family. Our lawyers know what to do and how get fair compensation if your baby is bitten by a dog. We are also experienced with wrongful death cases of all kinds and we can help you through the tragedy if a dog killed the child in Minnesota.

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