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St. Paul police last month cited a woman for two counts of nuisance dog after her dogs bit a UPS deliveryman multiple times on the arms, sending him to an urgent care facility. One of the dogs, a two-year-old named “George” (the other one is “Lenny”) already had bitten a passing neighbor the month before, according to police reports.

Bitten Attacked by Dog St. Paul Lawyers
Bitten Attacked by Dog St. Paul Lawyers

The dogs first came on the radar of police when a neighbor phoned police that she found a dog roaming her property and “acting aggressively toward her,” according to an incident report from Animal Control. The neighbor heard a someone calling out “George” and at that time the dog left, the report said. A few days later, a  man was bitten on the shin by George while walking his own dog past the property. The dog breached an electric fence to get at the man, St. Paul police said in an incident report. Our top dog bite lawyers have represented many people in St. Paul for this type of attack.


“The woman was unaware that her two dogs were outside,” the report continued. “She then heard some yelling and barking outside and that it was when she learned that there had been an incident. She stated that her two dogs are usually secured by an electric fence but when she lost power several days earlier the dogs learned that they could roam.

Though the woman told police that George was up-to-date on his vaccinations, they discovered the next day that he was not.  His last shot had expired in April. Therefore, they ordered that the dog undergo his 10-day quarantine at an off-site facility. The woman contacted the St. Paul animal control officer to try and get her to allow George to undergo the quarantine at home, but that request was denied.

The police advised that the dogs should not be unsupervised on an electric fence, and that the safest option would be to secure the dogs in a physically fenced yard. [The owner] indicated that further training or re-homing the dogs would be considered. The dog owner indicated that she understood the severity of the situation and while the dogs were off the property there would be further discussion regarding the dogs’ future.”

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