MN Dog Bite Lawyer Owner Responsibility


Our best dog bite lawyers represent many people in Minnesota each year who have been bitten by a dog. Our primary function is to make sure the dog bite victim is fairly and completely compensated for the injury.  We work hard to make sure medical bills are paid for the dog bite, lost wages are reimbursed, and compensation is paid for any permanent scarring and possible future medical treatment.

In addition to the calls our attorneys get from someone recently bit by a dog, our lawyers also sometimes get calls from the dog owner whose dog just bit someone.  We got one of those calls yesterday.  The caller said his dog bit a neighbor, and now the neighbor hired a lawyer.  The dog owner was upset that the neighbor hired a lawyer for the dog bite injury because he had already “done the right thing.”  When he finally said what he had done, our MN best dog bite lawyer found out that he had gone to the neighbor’s house, offered to pay the medial bills, and asked for pictures of the dog bite injury.

Dog Bite Attack Owner Responsible Lawyers MN
Dog Bite Attack Owner Responsible Lawyers MN


Our lawyer did not correct this dog owner on the phone, but we do not agree that he really did the right thing. In our opinion, the right thing when your dog bites someone starts with a sincere apology. “Oh my God! I am so sorry that my dog bit you! Nothing like that has ever happened before. Are you OK?! What can I do to help?”

An apology like that should be the starting point of doing the right thing.  Then, following through on helping, going with the neighbor to the hospital, visiting the neighbor when they get home, bringing food, etc. Also there should be a real discussion about putting the dog down or other corrective actions.  That last part is hard, but it has to be considered after a dog has bitten or attacked someone.

In addition, if the dog bite is more than a puncture wound and is going to leave a real scar, the dog owner should volunteer his homeowners insurance information to the person the dog bit. The homeowner’s insurance will cover a dog bite or dog attack. The owner should make sure the victim is compensated for any permanent scarring or injury, and that future medical treatment will be paid for.


Finally, don’t get mad at the person your dog bit if they hire a lawyer to help them with the claim. Nobody wants their dog to bite someone, and nobody wants to be bitten.  But our lawyers know that dog bite and dog attack incidents happen. Accept responsibility for the situation because it was your dog that bit someone.

If you or a family member have been bitten by a dog in MN, call us and speak with a best dog bite lawyer for a free consultation. Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin are MN injury attorneys who have represented hundreds of people with a dog bite or dog attack injury.  We will go after the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance and make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to. This includes medical bills and additional compensation for the pain, inconvenience, and any permanent scaring.

Our dog bite lawyers handle cases throughout Minnesota.  We have offices to meet you in Edina, Minneapolis, St. Louis Park and Woodbury.  A lawyer can also come to your home in St. Paul, Roseville, Anoka, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park, Chaska, and other cities throughout the state.