Scar From Dog Bite MN Lawyers


Our dog bite lawyers have represented many people with a significant scar after being bitten by a dog.  The scar from a dog bite can be life changing, especially if it is a child who is bitten. The scar must be protected from the sun. Sometimes it itches. For children, they are frequently asked about it, which just reminds them of the incident.

But we have also represented many adults who have had their life and even career affected by dog bite scars. Of course, the effect mostly depends on where the scar is and how bad it is.

Our dog bite lawyers always recommend our clients be seen by a plastic surgeon to improve the scarring. But plastic surgery is expensive, and it is not always covered by medical insurance. In addition, plastic surgery often does not completely solve the problem. There will still be some visible disfigurement.

Scars from Dog Bite Lawyer MN
Scars from Dog Bite Lawyer MN


Pam Rochlin has been consistently voted a Minnesota Super Lawyer. She was a partner at Meshbesher and now offer client’s personal attention at her own firm. When you call our office, you will speak directly with a top MN dog bite lawyer. We have more than 25 years’ experience helping dog bite victims throughout MN.

Our attorneys will make sure you get full compensation for your dog bite scars.  Medical bills will be paid, and future needs like plastic surgery will be provided for.  You will also receive compensation for what you have gone through, and having to live with scars in the future. While the dog owner is responsible, it is their homeowners insurance that will pay the compensation.  The dog bite lawyers at our office are experienced and know how to deal with the insurance company. Call us for a free consultation. There is never an upfront charge