Person Taking Care of Dog Responsible for Bite Attack



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Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

Our dog bite lawyers have represented hundreds of people and recovered millions of dollars for victims. Most people know that the dog owner is responsible for any injury caused by their dog. Minnesota law is very strict in this regard. However, it is not just the dog owner that is responsible. Any person “harboring” the dog may also be responsible.

The word “harboring” can be difficult to understand. It is more than just having the dog briefly visiting your house. However, the longer dog is staying at someone’s house, the more likely homeowner will be responsible. It is more than a stray meal. But, if they have a bag of food, they are probably harboring the dog.

The seriousness of a dog bite can range from a puncture wound to permanent disfigurement. Our lawyers have had cases where a dog has bitten off a person’s nose or ear. In serious cases, the medical bills can very high, and multiple reconstructive surgeries may be required. Often, the dog attack is to a child, frequently a child the owner knows. We have had cases where a grandparent’s dog bit a grandchild. Or, the grandparents were temporarily taking care of a dog while the owner was out of town. In either case, the grandparents are responsible.


When a dog is staying with someone, it is their responsibility as much as the dog owner’s. If the dog bites or injures someone, they should expect that their homeowners insurance will have to pay the damages. Even a simple trip to the emergency room and a few stiches can cost hundreds of dollars. But when reconstructive surgery or scar revision surgery is required, the medical bills can run to many thousands of dollars. In addition, even with plastic surgery, there are often still visible scars.

The dog owner is still responsible as well. Typically, our dog bite attorneys MN will pursue the dog owner’s insurance first. However, if the dog owner doesn’t have insurance, or doesn’t have enough insurance, we will also pursue the homeowner’s insurance for the person who was taking care of the dog. This can even include a groomer or veterinarian.

If you were bitten by a dog, call us for a free consultation. Our top lawyers have more than 25 years’ experience representing dog bite victims throughout Minnesota. We will take care of the insurance issues for you. Further, we never charge anything unless you receive compensation.