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Our best injury accident lawyers represent people who are taken to the hospital by helicopter for treatment after a serious injury. Air ambulance rides can be lifesavers. But how much should they cost, and who pays the bill for the emergency helicopter?  In an ongoing, crowdsourced “Bill of the Month” investigation, NPR and Kaiser Health News have reviewed more than a dozen bills received from people around the country on the hook for medevac helicopter rides. The cost for the helicopter transport that ranged from $28,000 to $97,000. Why such a wide range in pricing? There are several explanations. You can read the entire article here.


One issue that comes up is if the air ambulance service isn’t part of an injured person’s insurance network. In those cases, the helicopter company can charge patients for the portion of the helicopter bill the insurance company won’t cover. Unfortunately, that leaves a patient on the hook for the undiscounted rate the medical helicopter carrier decides to charge. Further, this can be a very big number.

In car accident cases, auto insurance will usually help with the emergency helicopter bill. In other cases, there may be different kinds of insurance, depensing on who caused the accident and how it happened. Our lawyers for a Minnesota accident injury always try to make sure that bills like this (that may not be covered by health insurance) are paid first by other available insurance. Our goal is to pay for the helicopter and all the medical bills, with enough left over to compensate our client as well.

Helicopter Transport Ride To Hospital Cost
Helicopter Transport Ride To Hospital Cost

According to the NPR article, Congress is working on legislation to control the pricing of emergency helicopter rides after a serious car accident injury.  We will see what actually gets done.


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