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Injuries in the home are very common, and this includes being injured at another person’s house – often at a parent’s house, sibling’s house, or friend’s house. If your injury was caused by the other person’s negligence, you may have an injury claim against the other person’s homeowner’s insurance policy. This are cases our lawyers can help you with.

People often don’t know, however, that just because you were injured on someone else’s property does not necessarily mean you have a claim, i.e. the homeowner is not automatically responsible. (This is a common misunderstanding that our MN homeowner’s insurance lawyers often hear). However, you DO have a claim for compensation if the accident was a result of the homeowner’s negligence.

In addition, most people’s homeowners insurance policy also provides for some medical payment coverage even if the homeowner was not negligent. The injured person may need help with medical bills when they are injured at someone’s house. Homeowners insurace allows the property owner to easily pay medical bills and otherwise compensate the person they have accidentally injured.


A homeowner insurance claim can be made if you are injured in a slip and fall accident because the property owner did not properly shovel or salt their driveway or sidewalk for snow or ice in the winter. Homeowner’s insurance will also cover many other types of accident injuries. For example, it will cover dog bites, tripping on something at the house, and falling down stairs. Even a physical injury directly caused by someone at the house, e.g. someone drops something on you or accidentally pushes you down the stairs is covered. Our lawyers have handled cases of many, many different types on injury in a house.

Homeowners insurance in Minnesota usually covers the property and all of the people who live there. For example, our homeowners insurance lawyers in MN once represented someone on a claim where the child of the owner accidentally threw a remote control device at a visiting friend and broke the friend’s front teeth. It is also important to know that MN homeowner’s insurance will often cover accidents that occur away from the home – other than car accidents. For example, a homeowners insurance lawyer at our office once had a case where a child pushed a friend down at school – as a joke, not to hurt her – and caused a serious leg injury.


Homeowners insurance may even cover someone who accidentally hits you with a golf ball on the golf course. Our homeowners’ insurance accident attorneys were able to successfully pursue a claim for the injured friend in that golfing case. Homeowners insurance may also cover you if you accidentally injure someone in a hunting accident.

Injured On Someone's Property
Homeowners Insurance Injury Lawyer MN

If you are injured at someone’s house, or accidentally injured by someone who owns a house (or their family member who lives with them), call our office and speak with a top homeowners insurance attorney in MN for a free consultation. We will explain your rights and help you obtain fair compensation, including medical bills, lost wages, and additional compensation for your pain and suffering.

You should call us right away because the initial investigation is often very important, and especially getting good photographs, saving evidence, and contacting witnesses. Our top homeowners insurance lawyers know what we will need later and it can be very helpful if we can get involved early.


Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin are experienced homeowners insurance personal injury lawyers in Minnesota, with more than 25 years’ experience handling hundreds of injury cases. Pam Rochlin is a former partner at Meshbesher and Spence, offering personal attention and personal service. David and Pam are married and we treat our clients like they are a part of our family.

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