Lawyers to Sue Landlord Injured In Apartment MN


An apartment landlord or owner is responsible for their apartment building. There are city and state building codes that the apartment building must comply with for the safety of their residents and guests. There is also common sense of any business to keep their property safe. If a tenant or guest is injured in the apartment or building, the landlord may be liable to be sued. Our Minnesota lawyers have handled many cases against a landlord after our client was injured in the apartment, in the building, in the parking lot, etc.

Injured at Apartment Building Lawyers MN
Injured at Apartment Building Lawyers MN

It is important to keep in mind, however, that the landlord is not automatically responsible if someone is injured on their property.  They are only responsible if they did something wrong, i.e., created a dangerous condition, or failed to correct a dangerous condition that they knew about or should have known about.


Our lawyers have handled many different kinds of cases against the landlord of an apartment building. For example, we had a case where a tenant went out onto the deck of his second story apartment and the deck collapsed, causing him to fall to the ground. Similarly we had a case where our client went to open a cupboard door, and the door fell off its hinges and hit her in the eye. Our attorneys have had many cases against a landlord or property owner where a tenant or guest fell in a parking lot or on the sidewalk of the apartment building.

If you were injured at an apartment building in Minnesota and want to know if you can do anything against the landlord for compensation, call us and speak with a lawyer for a free consultation. An experienced lawyer will discuss your situation and help determine if you have a case against the apartment owner. We have more than 25 years’ experience successfully representing injured people throughout Minnesota. The primary focus of our attorney is to make sure your medical bills are paid and you receive all other appropriate compensation.

We do not handle other types of landlord tenant disputes, like eviction or maintenance issues. However, you can click here for more information on those type of landlord tenant disputes in Minnesota.