Do I Need A Lawyer To Settle My Accident Injury Case


You can, but you shouldn’t. Our lawyers are frequently called by people who settled their case, usually a car accident case, too soon and for too little money, and want to know if they can get out of the settlement. Unfortunately, once you settle your case with the insurance company, you often cannot go back. Working with an experienced lawyer from the beginning will help you determine the best time to settle your injury case and what the correct about of compensation is.

It is often hard for an injured person to even know what types of compensation they may be entitled to after they have been injured in an accident and what insurance companies may be available for compensation. When you call our office regarding your Minnesota accident, a personal injury lawyer will get the necessary information from you so that your rights are protected.

In addition, there are issues to consider regarding “subrogation.”  Subrogation is the right of medical insurers to get their money back out of your injury settlement – sometimes including money for future medical treatment you may need because of the accident. These are complicated issues. Consulting with a lawyer to help settle your case will make sure you are compensated fairly and that your future needs are provided for after an accident injury, and will give you peace of mind.