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Injured In Motorcycle Accident Lawyers MN
Injured In Motorcycle Accident Lawyers MN

Our top lawyers have represented many people injured in a motorcycle accident in Minnesota. Here is some information from the CDC regarding motorcycle crash injury and prevention, and the importance of using a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

Preventing serious injuries and deaths from a motor cycle crash is a major and growing public health concern.

Consider that:

  • Motorcycle crashes killed 4,502 people in one year.
  • Motorcycle-related deaths have increased by 55% since 2000.
  • Motorcycle crash-related injuries and deaths totaled $12 billion in one year, in medical care costs and productivity losses.

The good news is that riders’—and their passengers’—can protect themselves by wearing a helmet. Helmets are estimated to prevent 37 percent of crash deaths among motorcycle riders and 41 percent of crash deaths for motorcycle passengers. [This should be equally true for a motorcycle accident in Minnesota.]

Universal Helmet Laws Increase Helmet Use, Save Money

The most effective way to get people to wear helmets is the universal helmet law.

Universal helmet laws, which require that every motorcycle rider and passenger wear a helmet whenever they ride, can increase helmet use and save money, according to a new CDC study.

In one year, cost savings in states with universal motorcycle helmet laws were nearly four times greater (per registered motorcycle) than in states without these comprehensive laws. In 2010, annual costs saved from helmet use, in terms of medical, productivity, and other costs, ranged from a high of $394 million in California (which has a universal helmet law) to a low of $2.6 million in New Mexico (which has a partial law). Partial helmet laws require only certain riders, such as those under age 21, to wear a helmet.

Universal helmet laws result in cost savings by increasing helmet use among riders and passengers, which reduces crash-related injuries and deaths. According to a CDC analysis of fatal crash data from 2008 to 2010, 12 percent of motorcyclists in states with universal helmet laws were not wearing helmets. In comparison, 64 percent of riders were not wearing helmets in states with partial helmet laws, and 79 percent of riders were not wearing helmets in states with no helmet laws. [Our best MN motorcycle accident lawyers have definitely noted the difference in outcomes for people wearing a helmet.]

Laws That Save Lives

Each state decides its respective helmet law. As of May 2012, 19 states and the District of Columbia had universal helmet laws, 28 states had partial helmet laws, and 3 states had no helmet law. Minnesota currently has a partial helmet law.

Safety Tips for Riders

When you ride your motorcycle or are a passenger, follow these tips to stay safe:

  • Always wear a DOT-approved helmet.
  • Never ride your motorcycle after drinking. Alcohol greatly impairs your ability to safely operate a motorcycle. If you have been drinking, get a ride home or call a taxi.
  • Don’t let friends ride impaired. Take their keys away.
  • Wear protective clothing that provides some level of injury protection. Upper body clothing should also include bright colors or reflective materials, so that other motorists can more easily see you.
  • Avoid tailgating.
  • Maintain a safe speed and exercise caution when traveling over slippery surfaces or gravel.

Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin are Minnesota personal injury attorneys with more than 25 years’ experience successfully handling hundreds of car and motorcycle accident injury cases throughout MN. Pam was a former partner at Meshbesher & Spence, and offers small firm attention to her clients. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in MN, hit by a car or any other way, please call our office as soon as possible for a free consultation with an attorney.  You may have a case even if you were not wearing a helmet. A top motorcycle accident lawyer can meet with you to discuss to discuss your injury case at our offices in Edina, Woodbury and Minneapolis. An attorney can come to your home to discuss your motorcycle crash injury in St. Paul, Rogers MN, Elk River, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park MN, Chanhassen, Chaska, and other cities throughout Minnesota. Our lawyers will always provide you with a free initial consultation and we never charge anything unless you are compensated for your injuries.