What if I am a passenger in a car being driven by my spouse or other relative?


You can be compensated for your injury in a car accident even if your spouse or relative was driving and was at fault in causing the accident. It doesn’t even matter if you own the car involved in the accident. This insurance coverage is part of every MN auto policy and part of what was purchased by paying the premiums. For more information, see our blog post about passenger’s rights.

Our top car accident lawyers have recovered insurance compensation for many people who were a passenger injured when their husband or wife or relative was driving and was at fault / caused an accident. You can even get car insurance compensation if you are injured because your child caused the accident while you were a passenger in the car. It doesn’t matter that the insurance policy is in your name – you are still entitled to compensation for medical bills, wage loss and more.

Family Passenger Accident Injury Lawyers MN
Family Passenger Accident Injury Lawyers MN

If you are a passenger injured in a motorcycle accident, you have rights as well. You are more likely to have access to No-Fault insurance to pay for your medical bills than the driver of the motorcycle. A motorcycle passenger injured in an accident can also bring a claim against the driver of their bike as well as the car that hit them. Again, this requires significant investigation, so please call us and speak with a MN motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible so that we can pursue your case.


If you were the injured passenger in a MN car accident where the driver was a spouse, brother, sister, child or other family member, please contact our office.  One of our attorneys will answer your questions about your specific car accident or motorcycle accident situation. Our Minnesota lawyers have over 25 years’ experience successfully making sure people receive the compensation they are entitled to. An attorney will protect your rights as a passenger even if someone from your family was driving the car or motorcycle.