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The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) recently projected a 10% increase in the number of persons walking on foot killed in by a car compared with the prior year. When a person is hit by a car while walking, there can obviously be very serious injuries to the pedestrian.  Our Minnesota car accident lawyers have successfully represented many people with a serious injury from a car accident, including pedestrian hit by car, motorcycle, and truck crashes. We also represent the family of someone killed in an accident from being hit by a car while crossing the street, many times in an intersection with a green light or walk sign.

Crossing Street Hit By Car Lawyer MN
Crossing Street Hit By Car Lawyer MN

Here are some of the important points made in the report.

Comparing the number of pedestrian fatalities for the first six months of 2015 (2,368) with the same time period the previous year (2,232), and adjusting for anticipated underreporting associated with the preliminary data, the researchers anticipate the final 2015 pedestrian fatality total will be approximately 10% higher than in 2014. Along with the increase in pedestrian fatalities, pedestrians now account for a larger share − about 15% of all motor vehicle crash-related deaths − compared with 11% a decade ago. “Pedestrian safety is clearly a growing problem across the country.

It is important to understand the data underlying these crashes so states and localities can apply the right mix of engineering, education and enforcement to counteract this troubling trend.” When someone is hit by a car in an intersection or crossing a street, our top Minnesota lawyers make sure they are fully compensated for their injuries.


Many factors could be contributing to this spike in cars hitting a pedestrian walking across the street. An increase in motor vehicle travel, fueled in part by improved economic conditions and lower gas prices, coupled with the growing use of cell phones among walkers and drivers may be partially to blame.  Another important factor is the increase in the number of Americans walking for health, economic or environmental reasons. This underscores the need to create safe, walkable pathways and ensure that people who drive and people who walk both understand and follow the rules of the road, so everyone arrives at their destination safely.

“GHSA and our member states will continue to make pedestrian safety a priority,” said Jonathan Adkins, GHSA Executive Director. “The recently passed federal surface transportation bill, the FAST Act, will give states more resources and flexibility to address their most pressing pedestrian safety problems. We look forward to working with NHTSA and our other partners to drive down these numbers and move toward zero deaths.”

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If you or a loved one are hit by an auto while crossing a street or hit by a car in the crosswalk, call our office and speak with a best MN attorney.  An experienced pedestrian injury lawyer will explain your rights to you, and further investigate your case if appropriate. Pam Rochlin has been voted a Minnesota Super Lawyer and we have 25 years’ experience successfully representing hundreds of people injured in car accident and pedestrian accident cases.

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