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Minnesota has strict liability against the manufacturer and seller of a defective product that injures someone. Therefore, when a person is injured by a defective product or equipment, our MN lawyers  can sue the manufacturer or company. If you have been injured by a bad machine or other bad product at home or work, call our MN lawyers for a free consultation. Also, check out our defective product page for more information.

Here is a statute regarding the law in Minnesota about a defective product. This statute has to do with giving notice to the seller and manufacturer. In addition, it requires them to provide certain information. Of course, there are other Minnesota and Federal laws that apply to all defective products and also to specific products. If you have been injured, our top defective product lawyers will provide you with a free consultation. We will answer your questions and protect your rights.


Subdivision 1. Persons receiving notice; timing.

The attorney for a person who intends to claim damage arising out of the manufacture or sale of a product shall present a notice of possible claim. First, the notice must state the time, place and circumstances of events giving rise to the claim. Also, an estimate of compensation or other relief to be sought. This notice shall be given within six months of the date of entering into an attorney-client relation in regard to the claim. Notice shall be given to all persons against whom the claim is likely to be made.

Upon request, any person in the chain of manufacture and distribution shall promptly furnish to the claimant’s attorney the names and addresses of all persons in the chain of manufacture and distribution. Failure to furnish this information shall subject the person to the liability provided for in subdivision 3.

Actual notice of a possible claim satisfies the notice requirements of this section. Also, failure to state an estimate of the amount of compensation or other relief demanded does not invalidate the notice. However, the claimant shall furnish full information regarding the nature and extent of the injuries and damages within 15 days after demand.

Subd. 2. Unreasonable delay.

A claimant who delays entering into an attorney-client relation with the purpose of delaying unreasonably the notice required by subdivision 1 is subject to liability as provided in subdivision 3.

Subd. 3. Failure to notify.

Any person injured by the failure to comply with the requirements of this section may recover damages, costs and reasonable attorney fees from a person who violated this section. However, failure to give notice does not affect the validity of a claim against a party who did not receive notice.

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