Interesting New Political App!


Our personal injury lawyers are fascinated by new technology. We are particularly interested in medical developments and car accident advancements.

But technology continues to amaze in so many areas. Just yesterday we heard of a new app that tells the user which super PACS are funding a particular political ad. “PAC” stands for political action committee. Political action committees are funded by people or corporations and can have significant influence over elections. PACs can donate directly to candidates, or they can fund advertisements and other activities to support a candidate.

Communication technology now allows people to get their message out in many ways. Social media is used constantly in addition to standard television and other older media. Unfortunately, these messages are not always reliable or accurate. That is one reason it is important to know where they come from. If you know where the message comes from, you can learn about the biases of the message’s creator.


With this new app, users will be able to hold their iPhone up to an advertisement while it is playing, and the Super PAC App will draw on third-party data to tell the user which super PAC is running the ad. It will classify the super PAC’s political leaning and identify the claims the ad is making. The app will then link the user to related articles that could help the user verify the advertiser’s claim.

This doesn’t have a lot to do with accident injury cases, but we are sharing it because it is a great way to keep well-informed about political candidates and who is supporting them. Here is the article where you can check it out:

Engagement in our political system is important, and the duty of every citizen. This is another way for people to stay informed and aware.