Family Of Someone Over-Served Can Sue Bar

MN LAWYERS – FAMILY OF CUSTOMER OVER SERVED CAN SUE BAR With New Year’s Eve approaching, many of us turn our thoughts turn to celebrating – partying and drinking. At the Rochlin Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers represent people and their families injured in Minnesota by drunk drivers.  We also sometimes sued the bar that over-served the drunk driver. […]

Slip Fall Accident Medical Bills

HOW TO GET MEDICAL BILLS PAID AFTER A SLIP FALL ACCIDENT INJURY Our lawyers get frequent calls from people injured after they slipped and fell. Therefore, we are well aware that a slip fall or trip and fall accident can result in very serious injuries, and high medical bills. Many people believe that the property owner is automatically responsible if […]

Reckless Teenage Driver Has Tragic Consequences

TEENAGER RECKLESS DRIVING CAN LEAD TO TRAGEDY   In the last year, our lawyers have represented several teenagers or their families in Minnesota car crash cases caused by reckless a teenage driver. Unfortunately, most of these cases have been seriously tragic, resulting in permanent injuries, traumatic brain injury, and death. In most of the cases, the teenage reckless driving occurred […]

Multi Car Crash Risk Near Entrance Ramp

TRAFFIC SLOWS DOWN AT ENTRANCE RAMPS SO MORE RISK OF MULTI CAR CRASHES The Minnesota State Patrol reported a multi vehicle crash yesterday at the Westbound I-94 ramp existing to Highway 241.  All involved vehicles were westbound I-94 exiting to Hwy 241. As the vehicles on the ramp were slowing due to a stalled vehicle, the rear-most vehicle, a Nissan […]

Video Cameras At Intersection

HOW TO GET VIDEO CAMERA RECORDING OF ACCIDENT We frequently get calls from people who have been in an auto accident.  They have been injured, or their car was damaged, but the insurance company disputes which driver was at fault.  If the crash occurred at an intersection, the caller will inevitably ask if our lawyers can get the video recording […]

Cars Hit More Deer During Mating Season

DON’T DRIVE TOO FAST ON ROAD DURING DEER MATING SEASON A recent article by KEYC in Mankato reminds us that we are just a few weeks away from deer mating season, and at increased risk for deer and vehicle crashes. According to the Department of Public Safety, from 2013 to 2015 there were 15 people killed in deer–vehicle crashes in […]

Be A Cooperative Witness

ACCIDENT SCENE WITNESSES ARE IMPORTANT AND SHOULD COOPERATE In many of the injury cases our lawyers work on, there is a dispute about how the accident happened: Which car ran the red light?  What did our client trip on?  Who was in the intersection first? Sometimes one of the parties misremembers. But sometimes they just lie because they don’t want […]