Do I Need PIP Coverage For My Motorcycle MN Lawyer


Over the last 25 years, our lawyers have represented many injured motorcycle riders who were hit by a car. Of course, there have also been cases of injured motorcycle passengers when the driver of the bike lost control. We always have to ask the injured motorcycle owner if they have PIP (medical and lost wages coverage) for their bike. This optional coverage pays the initial medical bills and lost wages after a motorcycle accident, such as being hit by a car. Minnesota law requires the insurance company to offer motorcycle medical insurance to you. However, that doesn’t mean they have to encourage you to get it, or even explain how important it may be.

Motorcycle Medical Injury Accident Insurance
Motorcycle Medical Injury Accident Insurance

If a car hit you on your motorcycle, their insurance is still ultimately responsible for your medical bills if they were at fault in the accident. But the payment comes long after the accident, when the case is settled.  In the meantime, the motorcycle rider is responsible for their own medical bills until being reimbursed from the settlement. It can be stressful having those bills hanging over your head. Also, you don’t know how much insurance the other driver will have, and it may not be enough. That is why you should protect yourself with motorcycle medical coverage.


Every client who purchased motorcycle medical coverage has been very grateful (usually to their insurance agent) that they did so. Even if you have health insurance, it is still a good idea to get medical coverage for your motorcycle. For one thing, most health insurance policies today come with a significant deductible. The typical motorcycle medical insurance policy only has a $100 deductible. Also, your health insurance doesn’t pay wage loss, while motorcycle PIP coverage does.

If you own a motorcycle, now is the time to call your agent and check on your coverage. And, of course, if you are ever injured in a motorcycle accident in MN, call our office for a free consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer. Our attorneys will answer your questions and protect your rights.  Our primary focus is to make sure you are fully compensated for your accident injuries.