Dog Not on Leash Outside Bit Person

DOGS SHOULD BE KEPT ON LEASH OUTSIDE We recently came across an internet post discussing the need to keep your dog leashed when you take it outside. Other than an off-leash dog park, this is always good advice. The purpose of the article was to discuss safety for the dog. Without a leash, a dog may run into the road […]

Accident Injury Recovery Quicker With Company

FASTER RECOVERY AFTER ACCIDENT INJURY WHEN NOT LONELY When someone is injured in an accident, the recovery is always more difficult when they are recovering alone. A recent article in Medical News today explains this in more detail. Our personal injury lawyers have worked with hundreds of people needing to recover after an accident. Having a support system is just […]

CarJacked Injury Insurance MN

AUTO HIJACKINGS AN INCREASING PROBLEM Our lawyers have recently been getting calls about car jacking incidents in Minnesota. We have 25 years’ experience taking calls from thousands of people in car accidents. However, only this year have we started getting calls about carjack incidents. This problem is not limited to Minneapolis.  We have also been hearing from people car-jacked in […]

Injured in Car Accident What are My Rights

CAR ACCIDENT INJURY – WHAT ARE YOUR RIGHTS? Our lawyers get calls from people every day who have been injured in an auto accident. Unfortunately, Minnesota law is a bit confusing when it comes to the insurance issues and compensation. The concept of being in a “No-Fault” state is particularly confusing. No-Fault does not mean it doesn’t matter who was […]

Fell at Gas Station Injury Lawyers

FELL AT GAS PUMP – INJURY COMPENSATION It is surprising how many gas station injury cases our lawyers have had. Most of these cases happen when someone slipped and fell, usually on ice around the gas pump. However, we have also had cases where people fall because of slippery oil that was spilled, or they tripped on a deteriorated parking […]

Injured By Airbag in Car Accident Lawyers

CAR ACCIDENT INJURY FROM AIRBAG  There is no question that air bags save lives and prevent many injuries. Our car accident lawyers have represented hundreds of people in bad crashes who have benefited from an airbag deployment. However, the airbag itself can often cause an injury. An airbag is a vehicle occupant-restraint system. It uses a bag designed to inflate […]

Will Medicare Pay Accident Medical Bills

INJURED IN ACCIDENT, WILL MEDICARE PAY MEDICAL BILLS? Our personal injury lawyers handle many cases for people on Medicare. There is often a misconception that Medicare won’t pay medical expenses for an accident where there could be an injury claim.  That is not true. Medicare will pay medical bills even if there is a potential claim against another party.  However, […]