Dog Bite Lawyers Property Owner Responsible

IS PROPERTY OWNER RESPONSIBLE FOR DOG BITE EVEN IF THEY DON’T OWN THE DOG? We recently had a call from someone who was bit by a dog in a store parking lot.  The store did not own the dog, and had no relationship with the dog owner. Does the property owner have any responsibility just because the dog bite happened […]

Car Accident Lawyers Teenager Caused Crash

TEENAGERS CAUSE CAR ACCIDENTS – MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS READY TO DRIVE The Minnesota Department of Public Safety wants parents to take responsibility for their teenage drivers. They point out that traffic crashes are the second leading cause of teen deaths in Minnesota teens. Each year, around 30 teens (ages 16–19) are killed on Minnesota roads. Teenagers are at […]

Truck Driver Caused Accident Poorly Trained

POORLY TRAINED TRUCK DRIVERS CAUSE ACCIDENTS There is a high need for truck drivers. Most of the products you buy in the store get there by truck. As a result, there are a lot of trucks on the road at any given time. Unfortunately, because of the high need for truck drivers, and desire to keep prices low, companies often […]

Gun Went Off Injury Lawyer

GUN WENT OFF – HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE COVERAGE Our injury lawyers receive a number of calls every year regarding gunshot injuries. When people think of an accidental gunshot case, they usually assume someone was cleaning their gun.  Of course, that type of accident does happen. But we have had other situations when someone accidentally discharges their gun and injures another person. […]

Walking Hit By Bicycle From Behind Injury Lawyer

HIT BY BICYCLE WHILE WALKING ON SIDEWALK – INJURY ATTORNEY Minnesota law does not prohibit sidewalk bike riding unless in a business district or where prohibited by city ordinance. However, the bicycle rider must give an audible signal when passing other pedestrians and yield to other pedestrians on the sidewalk. Despite this law, many bike riders think they just need […]

Can I Sue Someone Who Assaulted Me

HOW TO SUE PERSON WHO ASSAULTED YOU Our personal injury lawyers frequenlty get calls from people who were injured in an assault. The caller usually wants to know if they can sue the person who assaulted them. The answer is usually yes, you can sue the person who assaulted you.  You can probably get a judgment for medical bills, lost […]

Passenger Injured Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT PASSENGER INJURY INSURANCE COMPENSATION According to a study by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, about one half of all motorcycle crashes nationally and in Minnesota are single vehicle incidents. Of particular concern are those incidents caused by overcorrection. The study notes that 2.5% of crashes in Minnesota and 4.4% nationally are caused by overcorrection. Other examples of driver […]