Hit and Run Car Accident Lawyers MN

WHAT TO DO AFTER A HIT AND RUN CAR ACCIDENT Hit and run means adding insult to injury. Our car accident lawyers deal with many hit and run cases every year. In fact, the MN State Patrol is investigating a hit and run fatality that happened this weekend. How does the hit and run driver justify that behavior? They just […]

Personal Injury Lawyers MN – Talking to Your Attorney

WORKING WITH YOUR PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER IS A PARTNERSHIP Our personal injury lawyers have 25 years’ experience representing people throughout Minnesota. We have handled car accidents and motorcycle accidents. Also, bike accidents, dog bites, slip falls, explosions, and many other situations. Our injury lawyers have worked with hundreds of people of all ages, races, nationalities, etc. If you are in […]

Unsafe Cars For Accident MN Lawyers

RANKING THE MOST DEADLY CARS The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently released its list of the vehicles with the highest death rates for the 2020 model year. Not surprisingly, they found that higher-horsepower cars and those on the smaller side of the spectrum were more likely to have fatalities in a crash. The overall average for this latest study sits at […]