Car Accident Lawyers MN Winter Driving Safety

DRIVING TIPS TO AVOID WINTER CAR ACCIDENTS Winter is here. Our car accident lawyers always see in increase in cases when the roads are slippery.  Most of these crashes are avoidable. The Minnesota State Patrol recently offered their top 10 winter driving tips. Top 10 Winter Driving Tips BEFORE YOU LEAVE: Check weather and road conditions. Whether you look online […]

Scared of Dogs After Dog Bite PTSD Lawyer

FEAR OF DOGS CAUSED BY DOG BITE / ATTACK Most of our dog bite cases involve significant scars. In addition, some cases involve the dog injuring our client by running into them or pushing them. This can result in broken bones or other injuries. These injuries can at least be improved with medical treatment, although there are often permanent problems […]

Partner Killed in Car Accident What Are My Rights

WHAT ARE YOUR RIGHTS WHEN YOUR PARTNER DIES IN CAR ACCIDENT? Married couples have legal rights when one spouse is injured or killed in a car accident. But, what about unmarried partners? Our car accident lawyers have represented many unmarried couples, or an unmarried survivor. Unfortunately, the rights of an unmarried partner are often legally limited. Of course, it doesn’t […]

Car Accident Lawyers MN Two People Injured

DO TWO PEOPLE INJURED IN CAR ACCIDENT NEED DIFFERENT LAWYERS? Can two people in a car crash hire the same lawyer? The answer depends on the particular situation. Our lawyers are asked this question frequently. In addition, we often have to think about this issue for ourselves. If there are two people in a car, and the accident was obviously […]

Which Family Members Get Money in Death Case

HOW IS DEATH CASE HANDLED WITH DIFFERENT FAMILY MEMBERS? Our personal injury lawyers handle wrongful death cases every year. These cases are tragic and heart-wrenching. When a family member is killed in an accident, the surviving family is scarred forever. Everyone handles grief in their own way.  As lawyers, our job is to help the surviving family with their legal […]

Personal Injury Lawyers Appreciate Nurses

APPRECIATION FOR NURSES THAT CARE FOR INJURY VICTIMS  Our lawyers represent people who have been seriously injured in an accident. Often, our clients require surgery and extensive rehabilitation. One comment we frequently hear is how grateful people are for the care of their nurses. Nursing care is sometimes taken for granted. After all, it is the doctors who make crucial […]