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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers MN
Motorcycle Accident Lawyers MN

Our lawyers frequently handle motorcycle cases. In many cases, our client is seriously injured because a car hit them or pulled out in front of them. It is frustrating that so many drivers are not paying attention.  When a motorcycle is hit by a car, there may be significant medical bills and lost income. Sometimes the injuries from a motorcycle accident are life-changing.  Sometimes, the driver or passenger on the motorcycle is killed.

One of the primary issues our lawyers deal with is insurance coverage. The insurance for the car that hit you on your motorcycle has responsibility.  However, approximately 10% of cars in Minnesota are not insured.  In addition, the minimum amount of auto insurance in Minnesota is $30,000. This is not nearly enough to cover an injured motorcycle rider in most cases.  How are you compensated in those cases?


Your motorcycle insurance comes with uninsured and underinsured coverage. This means that if the other driver is not insured, or does not have enough insurance, your motorcycle insurance will pay the difference.  However, that insurance is limited to the amount you chose. You can purchase any about from $30,000 to over a million dollars of coverage. Unfortunately, most motorcycle owners do not give this much thought. Even worse, their insurance agents do not adequately discuss it with them.

Additionally, you can purchase No-Fault coverage for your motorcycle. But you have to make that decision.  It does not come automatically. No-Fault coverage will help with medical bills and lost wages immediately after the accident, and even if it was your fault.

In most of our cases, our client has not purchased No-Fault insurance for their motorcycle. Similarly, our lawyers rarely see more than $100,000 of uninsured/underinsured coverage for a motorcycle. Getting more insurance is not very expensive. You should at least talk to your insurance agent about it.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, and you have questions about insurance, call us for a free consultation. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will answer your questions and protect your rights. We have more than 25 years’ experience representing people throughout Minnesota.