Icy Road Car Accident Lawyer


The weather service is predicting up to 24 inches of snow within the next two days.Minnesota has not seen that much snow at one time in many years.In fact, the traffic warning is that the roads will be impassable.In other words, people shouldn’t be driving at all.We’ll see if this storm is really as bad as predicted.However, in the meantime, everyone should drive with extra caution. The Minnesota State Patrol posted a safe-driving reminder today.We thought we should repost it here.

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Snow Storm Car Accidents


Our car accident lawyers frequently handle crashes ’caused’ by an icy road.Of course, the truth is that most crashes are not caused by a slippery road.Most crashes are caused by bad driving.Usually, driving too fast for road conditions.In other words, most of these accidents are preventable. That means the car damage and injuries are also preventable.


If you are injured in a car accident, call us for a free consultation. Our lawyers have 25 years’ experience representing people throughout Minnesota. A top attorney will answer your questions and explain your rights. Pam Rochlin has repeatedly been voted a MN Super Lawyer. Our primary focus is to make sure you receive the auto insurance compensation you are entitled to.As a starting point, there are medical bills and wage loss. However, we also pursue pain and suffering and future needs.

You can meet a lawyer at our offices in Edina, Minneapolis or Woodbury.In addition, we make house calls throughout Minnesota. Our lawyers represent drivers or passengers. The insurance issues can be confusing. In particular, which insurance company pays medical bills and what does ‘No-Fault’ mean. The initial consultation is free. We will answer all your questions and protect your rights. In addition, we never charge anything until you receive compensation.