How to Sue For Car Accident Out of State


What happens if you are in a car accident out-of-state? Our lawyers get this question frequently. If you area injured in a car accident out of state, the insurance and legal issues can be complicated. In general, the laws of the state you were in will apply to your case. However, if your car is insured in Minnesota, your MN auto insurance will still apply. For example, you will still be entitled to No-Fault Insurance and Uninsured or Underinsured coverage.

Out of State Car Accident Issues
Out of State Car Accident Issues

One question that frequently comes up is do you need a lawyer in the state where the accident happened or can you use a MN lawyer? That depends somewhat on the situation. A Minnesota lawyer cannot practice in a jurisdiction where they are not located. However, our lawyers often handle cases for clients injured in another state. In most cases, we will associate with a lawyer from that state. This does not cost the client anything more. Basically, they get two lawyers for the price of one.


If you own a car in Minnesota, your auto insurance automatically pays the first $20,000 in medical bills. That is called No-Fault insurance. Your auto insurance travels with you, at least throughout the United States. If you injury is more serious and the bills are higher, your health insurance will apply. However, you may also have a case against the other driver in the state where the car accident occurred. Unfortunately, you will most likely have to sue them in their state. However, many cases settle, so that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to go to trial in another state.

If you have been injured in a car accident out-of-state, call us for a free consultation. Our car accident lawyers will discuss the specific issues of your situation. We have 25 years’ experience representing people throughout Minnesota.