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Were you injured at a store? Unfortunately, this happens every day in Minnesota. Our lawyers have been handling these cases for more than 25 years. People call us every day asking if they have a case. The answer depends on how the accident happened. It is not true that the store is automatically responsible just because you fell on their property. The store is responsible only if they did something wrong that caused your fall.

Medical Bills Fell at Store
Medical Bills Fell at Store

Our lawyers have had many cases where someone slipped and fell because a store employee spilled something on the floor. Similarly, you can have a case if the store fails to clean the floor for a long time after a spill. In other cases, the store employee leaves something like a pallet in an asile that our client trips on. Basically, there are many situations where the store may be at fault. However, there are also cases where the store is not at fault. For example, if another customer spills something just before you slip on it. Every case depends on its specific facts.


When you call our office, a slip fall injury lawyer will discuss your case with you. Of course, it helps if you have photos and contact information for witnesses. If we are able to take your case, our attorney will make sure your medical bills are paid and you receive all appropriate compensation.

As a starting point, many stores have ‘medical payment coverage.’ This is a limited amount of money that will automatically pay some of your medical bills without proving fault. The store is not required to have this, but many stores do have it as part of the insurance coverage. Typically, this insurance is limited to $5,000, but it can at least pay initial medical bills and avoid a deductible.

If you are injured at a store, call us for a free consultation. We will start with a phone conversation. After that, we can meet you at our offices or a lawyer will come to your house. If the store was at fault, they should be made to pay all of your medical bills, plus additional compensation. Our injury lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of people in this situation. We will never charge anything unless you receive compensation.