Car Accident Lawyers MN Lane Change Flipped Vehicle


This crash occurred at about 2:15 p.m. on July 15, 2022. Our client’s husband had picked her up at work and they were driving home. They were driving westbound on Bass Lake Road in Crystal, Minnesota. They were in the right lane and had just passed Broadway. A Walgreens store was on their right. They were in hurry.  In fact, they were just enjoying their time together at the end of the day.

Car Accident Lawyers MN
Car Accident Lawyers MN

The other driver was also driving westbound on Bass Lake Road, but in the left lane. As they approached the driveway leading into the Walgreens parking lot, the other driver suddenly veered into our client’s lane in front of them. Apparently, the other driver was trying to get into the Walgreens parking lot. The other car impacted our client’s vehicle, causing their car to flip.


Fortunately, there were no serious injuries from this crash. However, our client’s elbow was cut by the broken windows, and she has some neck pain. They needed an experienced car accident lawyer to help sort through the insurance issues.  Of course, one issue is the car damage. Usually, that is not too hard if everyone agrees how the accident happened. However, sometimes there is still a dispute as to the value of the car that was totaled. More importantly, our car accident lawyer helped them with the medical bills and wage loss issues.

In cases where there is a dispute about fault, our car accident lawyers will work with law enforcement and our own investigators to prove the case. For example, there may be intersection video. Also, in many cases, the cars will have data event recorders that provide crucial information. In serious crash cases, there can be an expert reconstruction of the accident that settled the dispute.

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