Does Car Computer Electronics Show Who Was at Fault


Car Computer Electronics Cause of Crash Evidence
Car Computer Electronics Cause of Crash Evidence

Car accidents often result in a dispute about who was at fault.  There was a time when it was just one person’s word against another’s.  However, technology has now become increasingly important in resolving these disputes.

Our car accident lawyers always try to get the technology evidence after a crash. This can include intersection video, law enforcement video, and more. Another important source of technology information is the car itself. Many of the newer cars have an “Event Data Recorder.” The Event Data Recorded is a computer in your car that tracks things like speed, direction, and steering wheel movement. This computer is activated when there is a crash, and saves the last 5 – 10 seconds of the car’s activity before impact. The Event Data Recorder information has proved the case for our clients in several car accident cases.


A vehicle’s crash computer is commonly referred to as “the black box.” Law enforcement usually refers to it as the Event Data Recorder. Our lawyers rely on experts to get the crash data from a car accident. After a crash, the expert will get the device from the vehicle and download the data.  We always notify the other driver’s insurance company before we do this. We want to give them the opportunity to participate so that they cannot later claim it was done improperly. The process is somewhat expensive, but often well worth the cost.

Our attorneys have more than 25 years’ experience representing car accident victims throughout Minnesota. If you have been injured in a crash, please call us for a free consultation. If there is a dispute regarding fault, it is important to call soon so that we can make sure there is a full investigation. We will want to get the vehicle’s Event Data Recorder before the car is repaired or destroyed. Our lawyers will also immediately request intersection and highway video. The consultation is free, and we will come to you if necessary. Our primary focus is to make sure you are as fully compensated as possible.