Video Cameras At Intersection


We frequently get calls from people who have been in an auto accident, having sustained damage to their car or personal injury, but there is an insurance dispute about which driver was at fault.  If the crash occurred at an intersection, the caller will inevitably ask if we or they can get the video recording from the intersection camera.

Of course not all intersections in Minnesota have cameras, but many do – particularly in areas with more people and greater traffic. The video recording (it used to be video tape, but now most recordings are digital) can be very powerful evidence and can often end the dispute.

Unfortunately, the video recording from a traffic accident at an intersection is usually only saved for a short time, generally less than 14 days, unless someone requests it.  Sometimes a local police officer or the MN State Patrol will request the video recording, particularly if there is a fatality, but most often the intersection video is not saved and the accident victim cannot get it later.

This is one reason it can be important to call an experienced car accident lawyer soon after the crash.  Even if it seems like there should be no dispute over what happened, e.g. the other driver admits being at fault, the insurance company may later take a different position and deny their driver was at fault. We also advise that YOU call the city police department and MN DOT soon after a crash to determine if there is a video recording, and get a copy or ask them to preserve it.