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Hit By Speeding Car Lawyers MN
Hit By Speeding Car Lawyers MN

Ever since COVID, speeding has been an increasing problem on the roads in Minnesota. The State Patrol reported a significant increase in crashes caused by a speeding vehicle. Initially, it was believed that more people were speeding because there were fewer cars on the road.  However, now that things are getting back to normal, the speeding car problem has continued. Our car accident lawyers frequently handle cases where the other car was speeding.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, so far this year there have been nearly one-third more traffic fatalities in Minnesota compared to the prior year. Speed, officials say, is the biggest factor in deadly crashes, which are up more than 40 percent over last year. There has also been an increase in serious injury car accident cases.

Mike Hanson the director of the Office of Traffic Safety said excessive speeding is a problem all over Minnesota. “It’s like anything goes out there. Our roadways were never designed for that,” Hanson said. “The only way our transportation system works safely is if we cooperate with each other and not compete with each other.”


When liability is an issue in a car accident, speeding can be an important factor. Sometimes, that alone will assign fault for a car accident. For one thing, a speeding car loses its right-of-way in most situations. For example, if there is an accident at an uncontrolled intersection, a car that may otherwise have the right-of-way loses it if they were speeding.

If you were injured in a car accident where the other car was speeding, call us for a free consultation with a lawyer. Our top attorneys have more than 25 years’ experience representing people throughout Minnesota. We have office in Minneapolis, Woodbury, and Edina. We also meet people at their homes in St. Paul, Mankato, Duluth, and throughout Minnesota. The primary focus of our car accident lawyers is to make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to.