Drunk Driver – MN Attorney Holding Bar Responsible


At the Rochlin Law Firm, our Minnesota auto accident attorneys represent people injured in a car accident because of a drunk driver. As most people know, alcohol impairs a person’s judgment and reaction time. This can result in deadly consequences when the drunk driver gets behind the wheel of a car. Many of our drunk driver auto accident cases involve rear end accidents.However, our lawyers have also had many cases where the drunk driver crosses into oncoming traffic causing a head on collision. In other cases, the drunk driver runs a red light and hits another car in the intersection.

Our lawyers get compensation for our client’s when they have been hit by a drunk driver. Unfortunately, there are times when the drunk driver is uninsured or does not have enough insurance to pay for the damages.For example, when someone is seriously injured or killed in the accident.Of course, there is underinsured coverage on your own policy that we go after. In addition, our MN car accident lawyers also look to sue the bar that over-served the drunk driver.

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Bar Overserved Drunk Driver MN Lawyer

It is illegal in MN for a bar or liquor store to sell alcohol to a person who is obviously intoxicated. And, if a bar does over serve a customer, the bar can be held legally responsible. For example, any injury the over-served person causes, e.g. a drunk driver auto accident. However, proving the bar illegally over-served someone is never easy.


To prove a person was obviously intoxicated in MN is whether, you must show that the server saw of should have seen that the customer intoxicated. Circumstantial evidence can support a finding that a person was obviously intoxicated at the time of sale. To be obviously intoxicated, there must be visible signs of intoxication that a person using reasonable powers of observation can or should see. This means a top car accident lawyer really needs to have witnesses available to testify about the drunk driver’s behavior at the bar before the car accident.

A blood test may be used to assist a court in determining whether the drunk driver was obviously intoxicated before he left the bar. However, the test is insufficient in and of itself to establish a case of obvious intoxication. There must be additional evidence from which it could be reasonably inferred that an individual was obviously intoxicated. A high blood alcohol reading alone is not sufficient to establish obvious intoxication.

If you are injured in a car accident by a drunk driver, call us and speak with a lawyer for a free consultation.Our primary focus is to make sure you and your family get full compensation for the injuries caused by the drunk driver car crash. We have offices in Edina, St. Louis Park, Minneapolis, and Woodbury. Our lawyers will also meet with you to discuss your drunk driver car accident case at your home in St. Paul, Roseville, or Apple Valley, Burnsville, Lakeville, Forest Lake, Brooklyn Park, Maple Grove, Plymouth, and other cities throughout MN. Our top MN attorneys will work to hold the drunk driver responsible and also hold the bar responsible if possible.