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Our personal injury accident lawyers handle all kinds of accident injury cases in Minneapolis and throughout MN.  These accident claims are almost always against insurance companies. The Minneapolis accident cases our top lawyers handle include car accident cases, motorcycle accident cases, slip and fall cases, dog bite and dog attack cases, defective product cases, and other cases where people are injured in an accident.

MN law requires that when a person is injured in an accident, their claim must be initially brought against the person causing the accident, not an insurance company. However, the insurance company for the person who caused the accident will pay to defend the case, and will also pay the settlement. Our best Minneapolis attorneys deal with insurance companies about accident injury cases every day, and we have been doing so for more than 25 years.


An experienced personal injury lawyer understands there are three important parts to an accident claim in Minnesota, whether it be an accident in Minneapolis or any other city: First, to have an accident injury case, there must be another party at fault. If you injure yourself in an accident and there is no fault by another party, you cannot successfully bring a compensation claim. The other party in a Minneapolis MN accident case can be a person or a business.

For example, if you are injured because you fell on something slippery on the floor at a store, the accident claim is against the Minneapolis business. If you are injured because a homeowner did not properly salt their sidewalk, the accident claim is against a person. Similarly, if you are injured in a car accident by a truck being driven for a company, our accident injury lawyers in Minneapolis pursue the accident case against the business that owns the truck. Because the insurance issues can be complicated and tricky, you can meet with an injury attorney at our Minneapolis office for a free consultation to discuss your case.


The second requirement for a lawyer in an accident case in Minneapolis or anywhere in MN is that there has to be an injury. In car accident cases, the injury has to meet a threshold. In other personal injury accidents, in Minneapolis or elsewhere in MN, the injury has to at least be significant enough to make it worthwhile for the accident attorney to pursue the case. Our lawyers take personal injury accident cases based on a contingency, which means that we are paid a percentage of what we collect for the person injured in the accident. Therefore, we can only take a case if the injury is serious enough to make it worth the time and expense we incur.

It is not always apparent to people at the time of the accident how significantly they have been injured. Our personal injury lawyers will meet with you after a Minneapolis accident and provide you with a free consultation to discuss your case in more detail.


The third requirement our personal injury lawyers look for in a Minneapolis accident case is insurance. Unfortunately, it usually will not make sense to pursue a case where the person or business causing the accident does not have insurance. Usually, people who don’t have insurance for accidents they cause also don’t have money to pay damages for their accidents. This is true if you are injured in a car accident, slip fall, dog bite, etc.

Unfortunately, the penalties for not having insurance are not as severe as we think they should be. However, if you are injured in a Minneapolis car accident caused by an uninsured driver, a top accident attorney from our office will also help you get compensation from the uninsured motorist coverage of your own insurance.


Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin are experienced attorneys with more than 25 years’ experience successfully helping hundreds of people injured in accidents in Minneapolis and throughout the state. Pam Rochlin is a former partner at Meshbesher and Spence, able to offer small firm attention and personal service. David and Pam are married and we treat our clients like they are a part of our family. You can meet with an injury lawyer at our office in Minneapolis, St. Louis Park and Woodbury. We also meet our personal injury accident clients at their homes in St. Paul, Chanhassen, Chaska, Maple Grove, Apple Valley, White Bear Lake, Brooklyn Park, and other cities throughout Minnesota. Call us for a free consultation.