An update on the Minnesota Judicial System


We are firm believers in the American Justice system — the rule of law and our judicial system help to protect our freedom and distinguishes our country from many others.  A primary focus of our firm’s law practice is personal injury.  The right to receive compensation for personal injury is provided for in the Minnesota Constitution.   Article 1, Section 8 states that every person is entitled to a certain remedy in the law for all injuries or wrongs.

Our personal injury lawyers work hard to get people the compensation they are legally entitled to when they are injured in MN because of the negligence of another person or corporation. We have over 25 years’ experience representing people in accident cases throughout Minnesota.

MN Courts
MN Courts

Although most people do not have a lot of contact with our courts, it is important to know what our judges and judicial staff are doing – because if you ever are involved with the court system, you want to know that it is working well. Here is the Minnesota Judicial Branch’s Annual “Report to the Community,” which explains what is happening this year in Minnesota’s district and appellate courts. The report discusses funding, technology improvements, the court’s workload, and other issues about how the MN court system works.