If you are injured on the job in Minnesota, you are entitled to workers compensation benefits from your employer’s insurance.  Usually, that also means you cannot sue your employer for the injury, you can only get the workers comp benefits. However, if you are injured by another person (other than a co-worker) while you are working, you may be entitled to compensation from that person’s insurance in addition to your MN workers comp coverage. This is called a third party claim for the injured worker. For example, our MN personal injury lawyers have represented pizza delivery drivers who have been injured in a car accident caused by another driver. The pizza delivery driver will be entitled to workers compensation benefits, but will also have a separate claim against and can sue the other driver who caused the accident. Our attorneys have also represented many mail carriers in Minnesota who have been bitten by a dog or attacked by a dog. We have also represented mail carriers who have fallen or been injured on other people’s property. Again, in those types of cases, the worker is entitled to workers comp benefits, and can also bring an additional claim against the owner of the property.

Injured on Job Compensation Lawyers
Injured on Job Compensation Lawyers

There are many other types of accidents where someone injured on the job could have a claim against and sue a third party in addition to receiving MN workers compensation coverage. For example, our accident injury lawyers have represented a number of workers who were injured on the job because of a defective product, or the negligence of a third party at a construction site. These cases can be complicated, particularly if the work accident is caused by an employee of another employer also working at the job site. Often, a personal injury attorney has to spend significant time interviewing witnesses and investigating the incident to determine if the worker has a case against the other business.

If you are injured at work and think you may have a claim against a third party in addition to your workers compensation benefits, call us and speak with an attorney for a free consultation. Pam and David Rochlin are Minnesota personal injury lawyers with more than 25 years’ experience successfully helping hundreds of people who have been injured in an accident. We will answer your questions and advise you of your rights. If you have a case that we can take, we will work hard to make sure you get fair and complete compensation for your injuries. Our Minnesota injury lawyers can meet you at our offices in Edina, Woodbury, and Minneapolis. A lawyer will also be happy to meet you at your home to discuss your workers compensation injury case in St. Paul, Roseville MN, Anoka MN, Chanhassen, Chaska, Forest Lake MN, Maplewood, Brooklyn Park, Richfield MN, Albert Lea, Rogers MN, and other cities throughout the state.

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