Motorcycle Accident Insurance Lawyer MN


The grey skies are going to have to clear up eventually, and when they do, we know our motorcycle loving friends will be putting on a happy face  (we’re referencing a song from an old movie) and getting on their bikes. Just a quick tip from our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys– before you get on your motorcycle, double check your insurance coverage.  Unlike auto insurance, Minnesota law does not require motorcycle insurance policies to include medical payment coverage – a bad legislative decision in our view, since you are more likely to incur medical bills if you are in a motorcycle accident than you would from a car accident.  Since medical coverage is not legally required in a motorcycle insurance policy, it most often is not automatically included by the bike owner’s insurance company.  However, it’s great insurance for a biker to have, and not terribly expensive.  A good insurance agent would at least offer and recommend it to his motorcycle customers so they could decide for themselves.

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you will still have access to your health insurance, and if the other driver is at fault you will have a claim against their insurance. But if you get coverage on your motorcycle policy for MN motorcycle accident medical bills, you will have less of a deductible and have no co-pay up to the amount of your medical coverage. Of course if you don’t have regular health insurance, then medical coverage on your motorcycle policy for injury treatment is crucial.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys always recommend you at least look into motorcycle accident medical insurance before you get on your bike.  Also, drive safely, watch out for cars, and spread sunshine all over the place.

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