Motorcycle Accident Injury Reduced By Wearing Helmet


We recently came across an article that shows states with mandatory helmet laws have fewer people with motorcycle accident brain injury cases. The conclusion of the article, of course, is that wearing a helmet while riding protects against a brain injury from a motorcycle accident. Here is a link to the article. is in addition to an earlier study we mentioned a few months ago showing that mandatory helmet laws reduce deaths from motorcycle crashes. Minnesota just has a partial motorcycle helmet law.

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Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers MN

Our MNmotorcycle accident lawyers can tell you that abrain injury is among the worst, most tragic, injuries we see.There are great treatment facilities in Minnesota for a brain injury, and progress in treatment has been made. However, there is just too little known about the brain to guarantee a good recovery in all cases. Living with a brain injury is difficult for the accident victim and their family. Their lives are turned upside down and it is just very different than other physical injuries.

It makes so much sense to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Of course, a helmet is not perfect. But it often makes a big difference in the outcome of a motorcycle accident.


If you are hit by a car and injured while riding your motorcycle in Minnesota, please call us and speak with an attorney for a free consultation. Likewise, if you werea passenger on a motorcycle. A topmotorcycle accident lawyer will begin a thorough investigation of your case.

Our attorneys have over 25 years’ experience. We have successfully represented people with brain injury and other types of motorcycle injury cases throughout MN.A lawyer will answer your questions and explain your rights. Our primary focus is to get your medical bills paid and make sure you are fully compensated for your injuries. We never charge anything unless we are successful in getting you compensation for your injuries.