Killed in Car Accident Insurance Survivors Benefits


Despite the constantly improved safety features in cars, we sadly continue to get cases every year where people are killed in a car accident. When our lawyers first meet with the family in this tragic situation, they are often surprised to learn that all Minnesota automobile insurance policies come with a No-Fault survivors’ benefit. This benefit is a minimum of $20,000 that can be used toward funeral expenses (funeral expenses are separately limited to $5,000), replacement of lost income up to $500 per week, and replacement of other services for the family of the person killed up to $200 per week. Also, this death benefit is part of No-Fault auto insurance coverage, so it is available even if the person killed was at fault in causing the accident. This coverage is also available even if the person killed in the car accident was not actually in a car, e.g. a pedestrian or a bicycle hit by a car.  This is insurance we hope our friends never need to use, but it is good to be aware that it is there.

If your family member has been killed in a MN car accident, you are welcome to call our office and speak with a lawyer about your situation.  A lawyer will provide you with a free consultation and take the time during this difficult time for you and your family to patiently explain your rights and the different types of insurance coverage available to you and your family. We will make sure you get all of the compensation you are entitled to. For more information, see our wrongful death information page.