Slip Fall Accident Grocery Store


Our lawyers have received a surprising numbers of calls recently from people who slipped and fell or tripped and fell in an accident at the grocery store. An injury at the grocery store can happen just like anywhere else. If the store mops the floor without putting out a wet floor sign, or there is a spill of something greasy that the store doesn’t cleanup, a customer can fall and be injured.

Other types of grocery store accidents our lawyers have handled include tripping on an empty pallet and having a product fall off of a shelf and hitting a customer. We have even had slip fall cases where someone slipped because of a crushed grape in the produce area.

Our attorneys are experienced with trip fall and slip fall cases at a grocery store, but they are often difficult cases to win in Minnesota.  The store is not responsible just because you were injured their property. They are only responsible if they did something wrong or negligent that caused the accident.  Proving this can be difficult and requires careful discussion and investigation of the facts of the slip fall accident.

If you’re injured at a grocery store, you are welcome to call our office and speak with a personal injury lawyer for a free consultation.  The lawyer will ask you questions about how the slip fall accident happened, and advise you of your rights.  An attorney from our office can meet you to discuss your potential case at our offices in Minneapolis, Edina, St. Louis Park, and Woodbury.  Our lawyers are also willing to come to your home in St. Paul MN, Roseville, Burnsville, Chanhassen, Maple Grove, Eagan, and other cities throughout Minnesota.