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Avoid Memorial Day Weekend Accidents

Memorial Day weekend marks the start of summer for many of us, and is a fun celebration tradition for many families. People may be firing up the grill for the first time of the year.In our own family, we usually go fishing for the first time of the year. Of course, we usually have limited success. But we love the tradition of getting together the same weekend every year.

However, it is also important to remember what the holiday is really about. We should all take a moment to remember those in uniform who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Of course, it is not just the soldiers making the sacrifice. Their families are in our thoughts and prayers as well. It is hard to fully appreciate living in a free, secure country, when that is all you have known. In other words, it is easy to take for granted. But it is important to take a moment and really think about what we have, and the people who made it possible.


Many people in Minnesota travel to lake homes or campsites over the Memorial Day holiday.Fishing and other lake activity fun may be on the agenda.The roads are often jammed, with some drivers driving aggressively to get there sooner.Unfortunately, that means car accidents. Our MN lawyers have represented many people injured in a caror motorcycle accident going to or from their cabin or camp site.We also represent people injured on the lake in boat, jet ski, tubing,and waterski accidents throughout MN. Don’t be one of those statistics.Stay alert this Memorial Day weekend and, as we say to our teenagers, make good choices.

Have a great weekend, plant your flowers, fire up the grill, and let summer begin!