Fatal Auto Accident Organ Donation


The West Central Tribune reported today about a woman who was on life support after a Monday car crash with a semi-truck. This crash occurred in rural Dakota County Minnesota. The woman’s husband and 1-year-old daughter had already died.  Unfortunately, the woman was later declared brain dead Wednesday night at Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

The woman’s heart and other organs will be donated, her mother wrote in a Facebook post Thursday morning. “Her heart is still beating and she is still on a ventilator. They are keeping her heart and organs alive until the surgeons of the organ recipients are able to arrive,” she wrote. “In addition, because her brain stopped before her heart, she will be able to gift her whole heart to someone in need instead of just her heart valves. Most likely it will be later this evening when that happens.”
Donate Organs After Killed in Accident
Donate Organs After Killed in Accident


In this incredibly tragic auto accident, the woman, age 26, who suffered head and neck trauma from the crash, was 35 weeks pregnant. The unborn child, a boy she and her husband planned to name Hawk, was also killed. Her husband, age 31, and the couple’s 1-year-old daughter died at the scene of the car crash in southern Dakota County, northeast of Randolph. A 9-year-old son survived the auto accident but sustained serious injuries. He has been hospitalized at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul; his condition was not known Thursday.

The family was en route to Willmar, Minn., to bring the boy to his mother when their Kia Sportage SUV collided with a semitrailer on a two-lane road.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, while driving on the two lane highway, they pulled out to pass a car north of 280th Street. After passing, they cut back to the northbound lane at the “last second” to avoid hitting a minivan that was southbound. The minivan driver moved to the right and slammed on the brakes, as did the semitrailer driver behind, causing the truck to jackknife and slam into the front of the their Kia Sportage.


Our car accident lawyers have been involved in many wrongful death cases throughout Minnesota. We make sure that the surviving family receives the insurance benefits they are entitled to after the crash. In many cases, the surviving family does not even get the opportunity to donate the organs of the deceased to help others. This is such an incredibly generous gift during such a tragic and sad moment. We pray that this gift of life gives some peace and comfort to the surviving family.