Injured By Fireworks Accident – MN Attorneys


Summertime, and especially July, is the time for fireworks.  Many events have large fireworks displays at their festivals, and of course most cities have a fireworks display on the Fourth of July. Also, many people like to set off their own personal fireworks at their house or a nearby park. There is a thrill that goes with the danger and power of making an explosion. Many of the personal fireworks at home can also be very pretty and imitate the larger displays put on by the professionals.

The sale of personal fireworks is limited in Minnesota because of the danger associated with the activity. Fireworks can cause a burn injury, eye or ear injury, and other injuries if the user is not very careful.  Although Minnesota limits the sale of fireworks, many people buy them in Wisconsin or the Dakotas and bring them back to Minnesota. It is not only the person setting off the fireworks that is at risk of injury, but also guests and other viewers standing near the fireworks.  There are many instances of a fireworks going off incorrectly and injuring nearby observers.

If someone sets off fireworks and negligently injures another person, the injured person can bring a claim or sue for their medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.  Fortunately, in MN this type of claim is usually covered by the homeowners insurance of the person who set off the fireworks and caused the injury.

If you or a family member are injured in a fireworks accident, call our office and speak with a personal injury lawyer to learn your rights. One of our attorneys will discuss the situation with you and determine if you have a claim against the homeowners insurance of the person who set off the fireworks.