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Our Minnesota car accident lawyers represent many people with serious injuries.  They are often limited in their activities for an extended time. The first issues that come up after a serious car accident injury are medical bills, wage loss, and car replacement. But then, people start to think about more mundane problems. How will the laundry get done?  Who will mow the grass or clean the house, etc.?  Even if you are married and your spouse is willing to pick up the slack, it can be a great burden to your spouse and your family.

Fortunately, every auto insurance policy in MN comes with what is called “Replacement Services” Coverage. Replacement Service Loss Benefits reimburse expenses in obtaining usual and necessary non-work substitute services after a car crash injury.  In most auto insurance policies, this is limited to $200 per week.  Replacement Service Loss Benefits are not just for help around the house. For example, car maintenance could be included.


Your automobile No-Fault coverage automatically comes with Replacement Services.  Our lawyers will facilitate the claim for you with the insurance adjuster. Your out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed when we present a doctor’s note with your limitations, and a receipt for the service you paid for. In some situations, you can also have access to this compensation even if you don’t hire anyone. A primary homemaker is entitled to the reasonable value of those full time services, even if your spouse does the extra work. You can be a “primary homemaker” even if you also work outside the home.

As would be expected today, two people can both have primary responsibility for the management of a household.  Therefore, if either of them is injured, they may claim the reasonable value of the care and maintenance services that the injured party cannot perform.  Of course, a single person living alone is almost always the primary homemaker. In that situation, you are entitled to replacement service compensation even if you don’t hire someone to come in after the car accident. Here is a website for information on valuation of replacement services:

If you are injured in a MN car accident, call and speak with one of our attorneys for a free consultation.  We will answer your questions, fully explain your rights, and make sure you receive the auto insurance benefits you are entitled to.