Car Accident Lawyer MN Looking At Phone


Our car accident lawyers have had several serious injury cases in the last year because of a head-on collision. Most of the time, the other driver was texting or looking at their phone before the crash. In several cases, the other driver crossed over the center line, hitting an oncoming car. These are terrible crashes, producing very bad and, in some cases, catastrophic injuries. Despite improved safety features in cars, our attorneys have seen more head on crash cases in MN than ever.

The video below comes from the Minnesota State Patrol. A dashcam equipped car was able to record an oncoming car that crossed the dividing line. The car then barreled down the center of the wrong lane in what could have been a serious crash. The “suspected distracted driver” apparently made it all the way to the rumble strip on his/her left side before correcting back into the proper lane. Fortunately, the driver with the dashcam saw the other car coming. He smoothly swerved onto the shoulder for a couple harrowing seconds to avoid a head on collision.


The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says distracted driving factors into a quarter of Minnesota vehicle crashes, and kills an estimated 70 people a year. Hopefully, that number might be lower this year thanks to some heads-up driving from whoever sent this video into the State Patrol. Watch the video, but NOT while you’re driving.

If you or a family member are injured in a head-on car crash when the other driver crossed the center line, call us and speak with a lawyer for a free consultation.  Our lawyers take cases throughout Minnesota. We are tough, caring, and get results. Most importantly, we understand what someone severely injured is going through and we will help you get through the process.  Our attorneys make sure you are compensated for your injury. When you call us, you will speak directly with an experienced car accident lawyer who will answer your questions and explain your rights.