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Our Minnesota personal injury lawyers represent people injured in boat accidents and other lake mishaps in Minnesota.  One issue our attorneys are always concerned about is whether there will be insurance coverage. Naturally, we want insurance to help any client who was injured in a boat accident.

Injured in Boating Accident Lawyers
Injured in Boating Accident Lawyers

Fortunately, homeowners insurance often covers boat accidents caused by the driver of the boat.  However, one loophole in some homeowners insurance policy language is an exclusion for family members. In many cases, the insurance will not apply when a family member is injured in a boat accident.  That’s why we were happy to see progress on new legislation that would close this loophole.  This new law will stop family member insurance exclusions. It will allow a boat accident lawyer to do their job and get fair compensation for the injury victim – even if it’s a member of the boat owner’s family.

We are hoping this bill will become law soon. Below, you can read the news release explaining the situation in more detail.  Also, if you are ever injured in a boat accident in MN, please call us and speak with a lawyer. We will make sure your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you are entitled to.


ST. PAUL, MN – Today at the State Capitol, Republicans and Democrats came together to address a critical-yet- little-known loophole in umbrella and boat insurance policies that impact Minnesota families. This loophole is called a ‘family exclusion.’ The exclusion is found in the fine print of most boat insurance policies sold to Minnesotans. It means that the boat owner’s family, children, and other resident relatives are excluded from the insurance policy. Unfortunately, this results in denied resources for deserving injury victims. 

For example, the case of Courtney Godfrey. She was enjoying a warm fall day on her family’s boat on Christmas Lake when she was tossed into the water and the boat’s propeller severed her foot. Recovering from her tragic injuries has been challenging. Unfortunately, it was made more challenging when her family discovered she was excluded from their umbrella and boat insurance policies. They were also surprised to learn that this is common in Minnesota.

“I have already been impacted by this loophole and unfair exclusion,” said Godfrey. “I want to ensure that no other Minnesota family has to find out the hard way that the coverage they faithfully paid into for all these years doesn’t protect the ones who are on their boat the most.”


On Monday, March 19, a bipartisan group of legislators introduced a bill called the Minnesota Family Protection Act. This new law will close this loophole. It prohibits ‘family exclusions’ in boat and umbrella policies. The bill mirrors language already included in a statute covering Minnesota family members in automobiles; a law that has been in place since 1974.

“The Minnesota Family Protection Act will fill the ‘blank space’ in our insurance laws,” declared Senator Paul Anderson R-District 44. “Tragic accidents on Minnesota lakes are infrequent. However, when tragedy strikes, we need to make sure that our families are protected. In Minnesota – the Land of 10,000 Lakes – there are more than 800,000 registered boats. Our families and children should be included and protected in our boat insurance policies.”

“We want to ensure that Minnesotans understand their insurance policies and the best options for covering themselves and their loved ones,” said Representative Kelly Fenton, R-Woodbury. “We will be working on the issue this session to find solutions that best protect Minnesotans.”

“The Minnesota Family Protection Act is a fair and honest solution to the exclusion. Therefore, I am asking that state lawmakers pass this bill to protect Minnesotans and ensure that families are included in boat and umbrella insurance policies,” said Godfrey.