Snowy Road Crash Drive Too Fast MN Lawyers


Here’s what it looked like outside our office earlier today!

MN Lawyers Car Crash Snowy Road

Can you believe it’s April 14?  It seems like it should be too late in the season for a snow storm. Drive carefully this weekend – the road can be treacherous. There are too many drivers driving too fast for the road conditions and running off of the road or sliding and causing crashes. Our lawyers have represented many people injured from crashes because another driver was driving too fast during a snowstorm. It really not the road that is the main problem, it is the driver driving too fast and causing a crash by spinning out into another car, or even into a ditch. Here is some advice from the Department of Public Safety for driving on a slippery road.

Our best advice is to stay off the roads for now as much as possible. It should clear up in a day or two. But as always, if you are in a car crash because of another driver driving too fast for the road conditions on a snowy or slippery road, call us for a free consultation with an attorney so that we can make sure your rights are protected.