Crash Getting onto Highway Ramp MN Car Accident Lawyer


Car Accident on Highway Ramp
Car Accident on Highway Ramp

It is almost surprising how many cases our attorneys get every year where our client’s car is hit getting on or off of a highway entrance or exit ramp. The accident is usually caused by our client being rear-ended on the ramp when the car behind is looking to merge. In many cases, the other car forgets there is a car ahead of him.

Fortunately, most of these highway ramp crashes are at slower speeds, but not always.  If the car behind has good acceleration and starts a ways back, it can quickly get to highway speeds before causing the rear end accident. However, the crash does not have to be at high speed to cause an injury. Our attorneys have handled many cases with serious injuries caused by a crash at slower speeds.

Most of the highway on ramp or off ramp crashes occur during rush hour or when there is fairly heavy traffic. The most common injury our MN car accident attorneys see in this situation is a neck injury – usually because our client is also looking to the side to merge when the crash occurs. Because their head is turned at the time of impact, there can be increased damage to the neck.


There is really not much you can do to avoid being hit on the off-ramp of a highway. However, you can be careful to avoid causing an accident yourself. Be aware when you are approaching a highway entrance or exit ramp. There are going to be cars that are moving at slower speeds ahead of you, and traffic can suddenly slow down. You should be ready to slow or stop at any time.

If you are injured in a Minnesota car accident on a highway ramp, please call us and speak with a lawyer for a free consultation.  We will explain your rights to you and make sure you get the benefits and compensation you are entitled to.