Can I Sue Manufacturer of Product that Burned Me – MN Injury lawyer


Many of our cases involve a client burned by a defective product.  Our lawyers have handled propane tank explosion, burns from a defective gel pot, electrical burns, burn from laser treatment, and many others. Sometimes the burn injury is caused by improper use of the product, and sometimes it is caused because the product itself is defective. The product may be manufactured or designed improperly causing a short circuit, explosion, or gas expulsion. Or, the product may have poor instructions and warnings so that the user is unprepared for the possible consequences.

Defective Product Burn Injury
Defective Product Burn Injury

In cases where the product is defective, our personal injury lawyers pursue the claim against the manufacturer or distributer of the product. Our focus is to get compensation for our client. MN law hold the manufacturer strictly liable when their defective product injures someone. Our lawyers help people get compensation for hospital or medical bills and lost time from work. In addition, there will be other compensation for the burn injury and scars.


If you are injured because you were burned by a defective product, it is very important if possible to save the product and all pieces or parts of it. Try to keep everything in exactly the condition it was in at the time you were injured. Don’t throw anything away, don’t have anything fixed, just save it. The best way for our lawyers to prove your case is to show the defective product itself.

The product will ultimately have to be examined by experts, and they need to see everything the way it was at the time of the incident. In some cases, our client is burned by a product over which they don’t have control, e.g. a laser procedure at a doctor’s office. In that situation, you should notify the business owner to save the product as it is. Also, call an attorney as soon as possible so we can follow up for you and gather all appropriate evidence.