Does My Health Insurance Still Have To Pay Medical Bills If Other Person Responsible Injured Me


Were you injured in a car crash, or on someone’s property, or by a dog bite? If so, the insurance for the responsible person or business is required to pay your medical bills and other compensation.However, for the most part, their insurance will only pay you at the end of your case. In other words, at the time of final settlement.

The other person’s insurance does not pay medical bills as they come in.(Actually, there are a few small exceptions to this, which a lawyer in our office will explain to you in a free consultation.)Therefore, your health insurance must pay your initial medical bills after an accident that was someone else’s fault. However, your health insurance will get repaid (subrogation) later out of your final settlement.


After your accident injury, you may receive a form from your health insurance asking how the accident happened and if it was someone else’s fault.This does not mean your health insurance doesn’t have to pay your medical bills from the accident. It just means that they want to stay in the loop if you hire a lawyer and pursue a claim for compensation, so they can get their money back too.

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Health Insurance Accident Form

Minnesota has some specific rules regarding how medical bills get paid for certain kinds of accidents. There are also different rules for how health insurance can get their payments back. For example, if you are in a car accident, some initial medical bills get paid by your auto insurance before your health insurance kicks in. Generally, this is limited to the first $20,000.After that, your health insurance will pay additional medical bills.

Whether or not your medical insurance can get reimbursed out of your settlement, and how much they can get, depends on the type of policy it is. There are also several other factors considered. These are complicated issues and are specific to each individual case. Therefore, if you have questions about your medical bills after an accident, or what your health insurance is responsible for, call us. You can speak with a lawyer for a free consultation. Our personal injury lawyers have 25 years’ experience handling accident injury cases throughout Minnesota. We make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to.